Coming this week at the Trylon and Heights!

Hellboy Did you see Pacific Rim last weekend? Want to keep that Guillermo del Toro vibe going for a few more days? Check out Hellboy, del Toro’s take on the long-running Dark Horse comic. Fantastic monsters, rollicking plot, 35mm projection…a great way to spend a summer evening. Monday & Tuesday: 7pm,… Continue reading

Sound Unseen presents DOWNLOADED at the Trylon

The heyday of Napster seems like a foggy fever dream, and although the online peer-to-peer file sharing service only lasted two years, Napster changed the music industry and our relationship to music forever. Tonight at the Trylon, Sound Unseen presents the new documentary Downloaded directed by Alex Winter (better known… Continue reading


“With the ambitious and ominous The Devil’s Backbone, Del Toro rises to a new level of accomplishment, adding history and politics to his distinctive blend.” – Kevin Thomas, LA Times We continue our look back at the films of Guillermo del Toro by skipping his more mainstream action-sci-fi entry Mimic… Continue reading

Guillermo del Toro’s CRONOS at the Trylon

In anticipation of Guillermo del Toro’s massive Pacific Rim hitting theaters July 12, the Trylon will take a look back at del Toro’s more subtle and creepy beginnings. His debut, Cronos, is a stylish take on the myth of the vampire. Variety called it “a unique, terrifying mini-masterpiece.” The tiny… Continue reading