Giant Monster Rat Pack Attacks the Trylon!

We’ve absorbed a lot of Japanese pop culture over the last 60 years–everything from Pokemon to Tamagachi to Sailor Moon–but nothing has burrowed deeper into the American psyche than Godzilla. Most folks can recognize the big guy on sight, even if the other contestants in his rubber-suited wrestling matches get… Continue reading

Second Anniversary of the Defenders!

Come celebrate the second anniversary of the Trylon’s Defenders series with the brainchild of it all, Jim Brunzell III. Jim is the Director of Sound Unseen and has a weekly film column that you should definitely check out on the Twin Cities Daily Planet. You’ll have to show up to… Continue reading

Godzilla vs. the Rose at the Trylon!

Here’s a tip for you kids: if you’re ever a grieving scientist who’s thinking of mixing DNA from your late daughter with cells from Godzilla and a rose bush, don’t do it. Before you can say “giant carnivorous plant” you’ll have an unholy mess on your hands: namely, a 200-foot,… Continue reading

Love is the Drug for Etaix

Pierre Etaix is on the prowl after his sexy new secretary, which is unfortunate since, you know, he’s married and all that. Not since Keaton’s Seven Chances has the sacred institution of marriage been skewered so hilariously and beautifully as it is in Le Grand Amour, the next installment of… Continue reading