In the Empty Spaces: Rebecca Boils with Things Translucent, Unseen, or Gone Forever

Mrs. Danvers looms in stark silhouette behind a sheer curtain, framed by the lit windows in the background.

|Jake Rudegeair| Float down the overgrown drive, supernatural dreamer, until you come upon the “desolate shell” of Manderley. This classic haunted house holds up the deceits and revelations of Rebecca, Hitchcock’s Best Picture winner from 1940, based on the novel by… Continue reading

The Wild Bunch: Between Companionship and Despair

A man in a hat (Ernest Borgnine) stares down the barrel of his rifle in "The Wild Bunch."

|Rowan A. Smith| The Wild Bunch was a movie that for many years sat for me in a category most film-lovers are very familiar with: “I’ll get to it.” When I was a teenager, I watched a lot of the most beloved Westerns and didn’t find many I enjoyed. It wasn’t until I was in my late twenties… Continue reading