O Christmas Scheme, O Christmas Scheme

Eleanor (right) looks at her husband, King Henry (left). She is wearing a white scarf up to her ears.

|Liz Robau| King Henry is married to Queen Eleanor, with whom he had Richard, Geoffrey, and Johnny.
Richard, Geoffrey, or Johnny might soon be wed to Alais. Alais is the elder half-sister of French King Philip. King Philip is the son of dead King Louis. King Louis was married some… Continue reading

The Lion in Winter: Who Deserves to Be King?

Eleanor (standing second from the left) is surrounded by her three sons (one on the left of her, two to the right). They are standing inside a dusty castle corridor.

|Matthew Lambert| From the first moment we see King Henry, he’s dueling his youngest son, John, trying to toughen up the boy he wishes to become his successor one day. “Come at me,” the brash king shouts shortly before being upended. But he doesn’t stay down long… Continue reading

100 Nazi Scalps: Tarantino’s Violent Art of Rewriting History with Inglourious Basterds

Lt. Aldo Raine addresses his soldiers.

| Dan Howard | Quentin Tarantino makes his despise for Hitler and the Nazi party well-known. The vast majority would agree. Over the last nearly 15 years, Tarantino made his own kind of historical revisionist cinema with Inglourious Basterds, Django Unchained, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Continue reading

For The Love of Small-Town Community Theater

The cast of Red, White and Blaine sit and listen to director Corky St. Clair

| Lucas Vonasek | Nothing ever happens in small towns. If you’ve never lived in one, it’s difficult to imagine what they can offer that a city cannot, whether that is a burgeoning nightlife scene, diverse cuisine options, or that alluring energy that only a hip metropolis can offer. However… Continue reading