Coming this week at the Trylon and Heights!

Hellboy Did you see Pacific Rim last weekend? Want to keep that Guillermo del Toro vibe going for a few more days? Check out Hellboy, del Toro’s take on the long-running Dark Horse comic. Fantastic monsters, rollicking plot, 35mm projection…a great way to spend a summer evening. Monday & Tuesday: 7pm,… Continue reading

The Ghastly Love of Johnny X

Our week of low-budget monster movie premieres kicks off with this mélange of ’50s sci-fi tropes: juvenile delinquents, aliens, flying saucers and, of course, musical numbers. Ok, that last one is a bit of curveball but Johnny X makes it all look gorgeous with the last batch of Kodak’s Eastman Plus-X black… Continue reading

Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan

Low-budget monster movie workhorses Joe Estevez (star of 60% of straight-to-vhs horror films) and director Gary Jones (who worked himself up from an effects guy on Evil Dead to a director/writer of similar fare) team up to deliver an American take on the Finnish film Rare Exports. Instead of a bloodthirsty Santa, Axe… Continue reading