Say Hello to the Trylon’s Perisphere Blog!



Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Trylon microcinema has begun its own blog. We have a deeply talented volunteer staff, many of whom are great writers. Unfortunately, our pithy calendar blurbs do not often have enough space to allow them their full expression. Behold the Perisphere!

Historically, the Perisphere is the creamy globe that continues to stand proudly next to the spire-like tower that is the Trylon. These were the centerpieces of New York’s 1939-1940 World’s Fair in Queens. Trylon microcinema founder Barry Kryshka grew up in Queens, and his favorite neighborhood theater was the Trylon theater, long since closed. We figured, what better to accompany the Trylon than the Perisphere!

At the Perisphere blog, we will be posting reviews and essays about many of the films playing at the Trylon and our partners-in-cinema, The Heights and Riverview Theaters, among others. The reviews will be penned by Trylon volunteers like Ian Whitney, John Edward Moret, Kathie Smith, and Peter Schilling Jr. (and hopefully a host of others–we have a lot of great writers on staff!)

However, we’ll also be posting updates on all the films playing at the Trylon, from Trash Film Debauchery nights to Sound Unseen shows, anything and everything, from Bond to Bergman, Harryhausen to Hawks! Trailers, bizarre posters, facts and trivia, you name it! In addition, we’ll be steering you toward screenings in town that we find intriguing.

Look for links to articles at the Trylon’s Facebook page and Twitter feed! Thanks for joining us! Hope to see you soon… at the Trylon!

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