Trash Film Debauchery’s Theresa Kay Defends the Indefensible



You know all about The Defenders, the Trylon’s secret movie show, right? A noted local personality chooses a movie that is, well, near and dear to their hearts, while maybe not so near and dear to the hearts of the world at large. You pay your dough, wait for the movie, and then–Surprise!–it’s something amazing or something awful and when it’s done, the personality defends the living heck out of it. There’s been some doozies in the past, whose titles I’ll keep to myself, but we’ve seen movies involving heists, dragons, boxing, Barbara Streisand (ugh), exploding cappuccinos, fighting octopi, man-babies, Sharon Stone, Russian devils, and quite a bit of stomach-turning sex. How’s that suit you?

Tonight’s Defender is the redoubtable Theresa Kay of Trash Film Debauchery. Here’s the Kay-approved write-up: Theresa Kay has been satisfying your trash film needs for nearly 10 years after founding Trash Film Debauchery on the U of MN campus in 2003. TFD is currently hosting regular b-movie and cult film screenings at the Trylon microcinema in Mpls and the Turf Club in St. Paul. When she’s not knee-deep in schlocky cinema, Theresa spends her time as an urban beekeeper, mind freaker, and green burial educator. Half of the ticket sales will go to Secondhand Hounds.

Considering Kay’s expertise in screening the worst movies imaginable, doesn’t it make sense that her Defenders pick is going to be something, well, respectable? Since we’re all sworn to secrecy, the only way to find out is by actually coming to the Trylon and experiencing it yourself! One show only at 7:00pm. Tickets available here.

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