film-dracula21Ah, October–the month of ghouls and goblins and sexy this-and-that costumes from Savers. While you might enjoy horror movies all year, October is the month to celebrate cinematic Grand Guignol. Ask yourself: what better place to see a scary movie than in a cemetery?

Tonight, Take-Up Productions and All Star Video present the Spanish-language Drácula, director George Melford’s alternative take on the classic horror flick, at the Pioneers and Soldiers Memorial Cemetery. In the infant years of sound cinema, the studios often shot foreign language versions of the same movies in the evenings, with totally different actors, directors, etc. Before this, studios  had been used to making tons of money off silent movies in overseas markets, since you just changed the title cards to the language of the market.

Technically, this Drácula is considered the superior version, and some say that it’s better all the way around. The director and crew were able to watch dailies of the original version, and then made little improvements along the way, and it’s longer, which means the plot is better developed.

Trylon volunteer and Drácula programmer John Moret speaks about his inspiration to bring this movie to the cemetery here:

The proceeds go to benefit this wonderful, historic cemetery. What could be a better horror night than this? Nothing! And you know it…

Spanish-language Drácula (with subtitles) plays tonight at DUSK only at the Pioneers and Soldiers Memorial Cemetery, 2945 Cedar Avenue in Minneapolis. Tickets are $5-$20 (it’s a suggested donation for the Cemetery) and are available here.


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