Eileen Brennan Double Feature (Clue and Murder by Death) at the Trylon this Weekend!



Star-studded comedies were all the rage many, many years ago, and man we miss them. Well, the Trylon’s not one to leave this forgotten subgenre behind, and so we’re celebrating two of the very finest star-studded mystery comedies, with a weekend of Murder by Death and the board-game based Clue, both of which feature the wonderful Eileen Brennan, who died this summer.

Murder by Death, from 1976, was based on the Neil Simon play, and stars Peter Sellers, Peter Falk, Brennan, Alec Guinness, Elsa Lancaster, Maggie Smith, David Niven, a not-sober Truman Capote, James Cromwell and that awesome 70s character actor James Coco.

Clue, from 1985, is a cult classic, a flop in its day that delighted the few souls who went (often three times, once for each different ending.) Based on the board game, which was really just an excuse to have yet another Murder by Death style hootenanny. This one stars Brennan, Tim Curry, Christopher Lloyd, Michael McKean, Martin Mull, the hysterical Lesley Ann Warren, and the Jane Wiedlin, of the Go-Go’s. And the Tylon’s showing all three endings!

Murder by Death shows Friday at 7:00, Saturday at 9:00, and Sunday at 7:00. Buy tickets here.

Clue screens Friday at 9:00, Saturday at 7:00, and Sunday at 5:00. Buy tickets here.

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