A doubly-rare treat: Northern Lights with director John Hanson

In 1978, Minnesota native John Hanson, along with collaborator Rob Nilsson, wrote, produced, edited this stark, humanist portrayal of  farm life and the leftist agrarian history of North Dakota. This debut film won the Caméra d’Or at Cannes.

Starring non-professional actors and shot in a winter even colder than the much-feared Polar Vortex, Hanson and Nilsson’s passion for North Dakota and early American leftist politics shine through the obvious difficulties they had in making the film.

The film, in a brand-spanking-new 35 mm print, is the obvious star of the weekend. But we’re doubly honored to have co-director John Hanson with us at the 7pm show on Friday, January 17th. Be sure to ask him about that Vortex, so that he can tell you what a real winter is like.

Normally I’d give you a trailer or clip of the film to whet your appetite, but the Internet is coming up empty. However there is a fantastic article about the film over at Film Comment. Enjoy!

Northern Lights

Friday, January 17th: 7pm (sold out), 9pm
Saturday, January 18th: 7pm (selling fast!), 9pm
Sunday, January 19th 5pm, 7pm

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