BAM! Tom Tykwer Twice at the Trylon!

600full-run-lola-run-screenshotThis weekend, the Trylon’s happy as heck to present two films from one of our favorite filmmakers, Tom Tykwer.

We open with perhaps the most fun we’ve ever had in an arthouse theater, Run Lola Run, in which our eponymous hero has to try and raise a bundle of cash for her boyfriend, less he gets blown away by some thugs. Lola races through Berlin not once, but in three totally different scenarios (once as a cartoon heroine,) in her desperate attempt to save her lover’s life. All this to some insane German Techno music!

Rarer still is Tykwer’s previous effort (Lola put him on the map), Winter Sleepers, a complex and melancholy film in which five people with profound secrets collide, physically and emotionally, at a remote ski chalet. Don’t miss this rare screening!

Run Lola Run screens Friday at 7:00, Saturday at 9:15, and Sunday at 7:15 (PLEASE NOTE THAT TIMES IN THE PRINTED CALENDAR ARE INCORRECT!) Purchase tickets here.

Winter Sleepers screens Friday at 8:45, Saturday at 7:00, and Sunday at 5:00. Purchase tickets here.


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