“All the Light in the Sky”, a Mumblecore Masterpiece

All-the-Light-in-the-Sky_800x1185The Trylon’s celebrated Monday and Tuesday night Premieres continues its trend of masterpieces that have inexplicably failed to find a home somewhere else. We’re proud to present Indie wunderkind Joe Swanberg’s All the Light in the Sky.

Local film critic Peter Valelly writes of the movie, “It’s a testament to the strength of [Swanberg and actress Jane Adams’] vision, their shared emotional connectivity, that All the Light in the Sky makes the trappings of conflict, the traditional anchor of cinematic storytelling, feel like baggage to be left behind. And at its finest, freest moments, it’s a film that makes the small, personal world of the self, where outward kindnesses meet inner doubts, feel as vast as the ocean—quite an accomplishment, indeed.” Read the full, four-star review at Joyless Creatures.

All the Light in the Sky screens Monday and Tuesday evenings at 7:00 & 8:45. Purchase tickets here.


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