Jamel Shabazz: Street Photographer


The birth of hip hop is a curious thing. It’s both hotly disputed (which borough ‘created’ it, who really invented scratching, etc.) and remarkably well documented. The creation of an entirely new culture inside the cultural capitol of, well, the world, created a weird feeding frenzy of lovers and opportunists setting upon, photographing, supporting and co-opting the burgeoning b-boys, mc’s, dj’s and graffiti artists.

And one of the undoubted lovers and champions was Jamel Shabazz, a Brooklyn photographer right in the eye of the hip hop storm. In Street Photographer, director Charlie Ahearn (another giant champion of early hip hop) tells Shabazz’s story and the stories he captured, stories that so many of early hip hop documenters missed.

Jamel Shabazz:Street Photographer
Monday, March 24: 7, 8:45
Tuesday, March 25: 7, 8:45
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