Chris Grap Defends the Indefensible

image002Imagine, if you will, the bastard child of the Defenders and Trash Film Debauchery and, well, honestly, if you can imagine that you’re beyond help. However, that’s what you’re gonna get Wednesday night, when Theaters at Mall of America programmer Chris Grap gets grilled on his choice by TFD’s Theresa Kay. What insane movie is it going to be? YOU’LL HAVE TO ATTEND TO FIND OUT!

Mr. Grap, according to his own bio, can trace everything in his professional career back to the night he first saw “Chopping Mall.” It’s safe to say b-movies got him where he is today. He has worked on over 50 features ranging from big budget to no budget, and he currently works in business development at Mall of America and programs content for Theatres at Mall of America with his movie nerd friends (perhaps most notably the incredible Trailer Trash series.) Half of Wednesday’s Defenders proceeds will go to Chris’s charity: Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue.

The Defenders: Chris Grap (hosted by Theresa Kay) will screen Wednesday, and Wednesday only, at 7:00. Purchase tickets here.


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