Kind Hearts and Coronets is Murder Most Funny

The Trylon’s celebrated Alec Guinness Centennial continues with our final Ealing Studios comedy, Kind Hearts and Coronets. Review by Trylon volunteer David Berglund. In a few short weeks, the Tony Awards will take place at Radio City Music Hall. More likely than not, A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder,… Continue reading

A Somber Tune for Alec Guinness

Nearly every Guinness film we’ve shown in this series has been a comedy. But the films that likely turned Alec Guinness into Sir Alec Guinness were his dramas. His big dramas — Kwai, Zhivago, Twist, Arabia — are widely known by film fans. But the lesser seen Tunes of Glory is another stand out that we’re… Continue reading

Sublime Crime with The Ladykillers

Before our Alec Guinness series gets all serious with Tunes of Glory, we feature one of his finest comedies The Ladykillers? How fine is it? Fine enough that Greatest American Filmmakers (to some), Joel & Ethan Coen chose it for the first film they every tried to remake. Of course, their remake… Continue reading