Lawrence of Arabia Closes out our Guinness Centennial


We close out our wonderful Alec Guinness Centennial with the David Lean epic Lawrence of Arabia. This nearly four hour masterpiece is like digesting a great novel in one evening–you emerge from the theater shaken, a bit overwhelmed, maybe a tiny bit starstruck, and better for the experience. Add to that the fact that this may be the last time Lawrence is screened on 35mm, like, ever. You can’t beat this for a brilliant summer night’s diversion. Besides, what else are you going to watch? X-Men?

This is the movie that made Peter O’Toole a star, and it seemed to weigh heavily on him the rest of his career. Guinness, for his part, plays Prince Faisal, the King of Syria and Iraq. Supposedly, Guinness did such a great job that many people mistook him for the real Faisal while visiting the set. He also claimed to have learned his accent from co-star Omar Sharif.

Lawrence of Arabia also holds the record for being the longest film ever to win Best Picture. Don’t miss this rare epic screening!

Lawrence of Arabia screens at the Trylon Friday and Saturday at 7:00, Sunday at 5:00 (please note ONE SHOW PER DAY.) Purchase tickets here.

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