Hackman’s “Lost” Masterpiece, Scarecrow

Our wonderful Gene Hackman in the Seventies series continues with what is arguably the least known of Hackman’s great films, Scarecrow. There is no reason whatsoever for this little masterpiece to have fallen through the cracks. Released in 1973, after Hackman had won his Oscar for The French Connection, and… Continue reading

Dig the French Connection at the Trylon

Our Gene Hackman in the Seventies series opens with perhaps his most iconic role, as angry cop “Popeye” Doyle in William Friedkin’s The French Connection, for which our man won his first Oscar (and which inspired the name of the fried chicken franchise!) Review by Trylon volunteer Michelle Baroody. The… Continue reading

CHARLIE VICTOR ROMEO lands at the Trylon

  In light of the disappearance of Malaysian Arlines flight MH370 (and a dozen other airline tragedies where we watch the headlines unfold the narrative), we’ve all tried to imagine what happened and what it was like. Charlie Victor Romeo sheds a horrifying light on the scenarios in the cockpit… Continue reading