CHARLIE VICTOR ROMEO lands at the Trylon

  In light of the disappearance of Malaysian Arlines flight MH370 (and a dozen other airline tragedies where we watch the headlines unfold the narrative), we’ve all tried to imagine what happened and what it was like. Charlie Victor Romeo sheds a horrifying light on the scenarios in the cockpit… Continue reading

Lotfy Nathan’s 12 O’Clock Boys

First time director Lotfy Nathan takes to the streets of Baltimore in this documentary on the city’s infamous dirt bike gang, the 12 O’Clock Boys — a name referring to the position of their wheels as they pop wheelies. Made of of African American youth who see very few options… Continue reading

Rob Nelson Defends!

Join us this Wednesday evening at 7pm for a very special Defenders with Star Tribune columnist, Variety contributor and National Society of Film Critics member Rob Nelson. For the first time in the Defenders 2 ½ year history the movie shown will not only be a super secret, but also… Continue reading

Sound Unseen Presents: NARCO CULTURA

Sound Unseen returns to the Trylon with a hard hitting documentary about the music of narcocorridos: the extremely popular odes to the exploits of narco traffickers and drug lords of Mexico that openly glorify violence, narcotics and money. Like gangsta rap in the nineties, “Narco” is a movement threatening to… Continue reading

And the Oscar goes to…Burt Lancaster!

“Elmer Gantry is an all American boy! He’s interested in money, sex…and religion.” Burt Lancaster was nominated four times for a Leading Actor Oscar (From Here to Eternity, Elmer Gantry, Birdman of Alcatraz and Atlantic City), but only pulled down a win once for Elmer Gantry, screening tonight and tomorrow… Continue reading


Halloween Italian style continues at the Trylon this week with Mario Bava’s Lisa and the Devil. Edited, recut, and reshot as The House of Exorcism when it was released in the US in 1976, we present the film in its original form with Bava’s lush cinematography and disturbing story intact…. Continue reading