Beware “The Blob” — At the Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery!




UPDATE: Due to inclement weather, this event has been rescheduled for Wednesday, September 17.


Review by Trylon volunteer Ben Schmidt


At some point in our country’s history, some people were paid to sit in a room and work out what to do if we encounter an alien life form. I’ve not read this document, but I’m fairly certain it does not begin with:


Reach down and pick up the nearest stick. Poke and prod the life form until it cracks open, hopefully revealing a small, gelatinous blob. It has? Go ahead and push said stick inside of life form (i.e., The Blob) until it is determined to eat both you and the rest of your species.


That, after a surprisingly groovy song, is how The Blob begins, and it sets the tone for the rest of this enjoyable classic.


It should be noted that the Blob itself is only one of two aliens in play. Steve McQueen exists on an entirely separate planet from everything else in this film. While the rest of the cast manages to, mostly, deliver their lines, McQueen manages to oddly convey great depth of character. In a movie about a man-eating blob. It’s fun to watch.


Seriously folks, come for the lovely, 50s drive-in vibe, stay for all the fun, funky moments:


Does the smoke captured behind McQueen during a pivotal close up mean he was holding a cig behind his back during the shot? (Probably, yes.)


Is it wonderful to see extras smiling and laughing as they run for their lives from a movie theater? (Surprisingly, yes.)


And honestly, are some of the Blob effects really damned great as it glops beneath doors and gloops through air vents? (Super-duper yes.)


So grab a stick friends. And probe The Blob until it opens itself up to you.


Then probe deeper.


Then act surprised when it won’t let you go.


As an Explorer, Ben hopes to one day visit the old oak tree at the end of Petaluma. Because it’s his dream, he can touch it if he wants.


The Blob screens at, and as a benefit for, the Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery in Minneapolis.  The cemetery is located at the corner of Lake and Cedar in Minneapolis. The movie begins at dusk, and you can purchase tickets here.


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