The Defenders: Kerri Miller



Journalist Kerri Miller likes to put people on the hot seat, but the tables will turn on Wednesday — she’ll be defending a secret movie at 7:00 at the Trylon, and you’re invited. After the show you can demand answers to all your movie-related question and she’ll have to answer.

Miller joined MPR News in June 2004 as host of Midmorning (now The Daily Circuit) and Talking Volumes. Before that she was an award-winning television reporter for KARE 11. She has been a radio and television news reporter since 1981.

There are very few subjects that don’t interest her, but listeners to The Daily Circuit know a few of her passions: travel, books, dogs and the news biz.  This will be her first Defenders appearance, and half of the proceeds from this event will benefit the Animal Humane Society of Woodbury.  You can order advance tickets here.

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