Our Wachowski series continues with the sleek, shimmering “Bound” — Monday and Tuesday at the Trylon


The Wachowski’s debut feature Bound ducked in and out of theaters pretty quickly back in 1996, but it’s one of those movies that couldn’t remain obscure for long.  People kept talking about it. It was sleek and confident and shimmering with the distinctive visual smarts and storytelling élan that would inform their much more mainstream The Matrix three years later.

Bound begins with tough ex-con Corky (a pitch-perfect Gina Gershon) hired to do painting and plumbing work on an upscale Chicago apartment. On the elevator, she locks eyes with neighbor Violet (Jennifer Tilly) and the static electric charge between them is palpable, even though Violet’s mobster boyfriend Caesar (Joe Pantoliano) is standing next to them, oblivious to what’s happening right under his nose.

Smitten by the encounter, Violet works to seduce Corky – though she doesn’t have to work very hard – and soon the lovers see an opportunity to take Caesar for $2.1 million in hijacked mob money and walk away scot-free. But as any student of crime films will tell you, even the smartest plan can unravel very quickly. And sure enough, Corky and Violet are soon pulled into an undertow of violence, deception and murder.

Bound is a rollicking, stylish neo-noir that toggles between scenes of brutal violence and high camp so quickly you barely notice.  It’s also one of the Wachowski’s best films. Don’t miss it.  –Michael Popham


BOUND screens Monday and Tuesday, April 13 and 14, at 7:00 and 9:15 at the Trylon. Advance tickets are $8.00, and you can purchase them here.


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