Finding Loose Ends: Some disorganized thoughts from the Trylon film programmer

A celluloid film strip with frames reading "Loose Ends."

|John Moret| It can be easy to ignore or disregard movies because you haven’t heard of them before. I certainly do it all the time. It often takes the recommendation of a friend I trust, a known director, actor, distributor, etc. to spark my interest. The problem is, because there are… Continue reading

Violence in The Dirty Dozen and The Last of Us

A close-up as Donald Sutherland smiles at Lee Marvin, who has a grim expression, in the film The Dirty Dozen.

|Dylan Walker| While I’m not really a video game person, I’ve been intrigued by The Last of Us franchise thanks to a coworker who sings its praises, positive reviews of the HBO show, and a mild crush I’ve developed on Pedro Pascal. So, the other day, I decided to spend some time… Continue reading

The Eyes of Morton Are Upon You: Morvern Callar and the Art of Expression

Samantha Morton as Morvern Callar in an extreme close-up in a nightclub. Her face is bathed in red light as she looks off-camera.

|Natalie Marlin| A flashing light fades in, and the first thing we see is her face, staring out past the camera. It’s impossible to know what she’s thinking. It’s impossible to know where her focus lies, or if her eyes are merely glazing over in a kind of catatonia. Continue reading

Mean Men & Wasted Women: The Audacious Excess of Hitchcock’s Notorious

Medium close-up of T.R. Devlin, played by Cary Grant, and Alicia Huberman, played by Ingrid Bergman leaning in for a kiss while Devlin takes a phone call.

|Chris Polley| “Every man that looks at you is a menace,” says runaway Nazi Alexander Sebastian (played by Claude Rains), the third wheel to and ultimate mark of the American power couple (played by Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman) at the center of Alfred Hitchcock’s… Continue reading