I Want All the Bisexuals To Know: If I Can Edit a Film Blog, You Can Too

Karen, Miss New York, a Black Latina woman in a red evening gown, is shouting in front of the crowd. To her right, five women in dazzling evening gowns are watching her in awe.

|Finn Odum| Several weeks ago, in the monotonous gray cubes of the Mall of America® office tower, I dared to make a joke about my gender identity. This is how it went:
Finn, 24, strikingly gorgeous and wickedly funny email specialist: Now, I’m not like most women—in that I’m not one… Continue reading

A quick Note on Loving Couples

Two women, one with dark hair and one with light blonde hair, stare lovingly at each other while they row a boat on open water.

|John Moret| Loving Couples begins with a squeaky-wheeled gurney moving across a tiled hospital floor. Formally, the opening is one that is both intriguing and well-known. If you’ve seen much Swedish cinema of the period, the black and white film stock accompanied by the camera… Continue reading

The Real Power of the Lioness on the Cheese Grater…

A woman on the left stands upright with a script pressed to her chest. Another woman stands to her right, holding a cigarette. Below them is text that reads, "It's up to us womenfolk to do something".

|Veda Lawrence| Revisiting The Girls in a cultural moment dominated by Barbie movie discourse, I could not help but muse about the perils of improperly reappropriating anti-feminist source material to a feminist narrative. Where the problematic seed at the heart of Barbie is pretty… Continue reading

Head in the Clouds: La Vie Rêvée Wishes Dreams Would Become Reality

A woman with multicolored face paint gazes off into the distance, flanked by red borders on both sides.

|Matthew Lambert| La Vie Rêvée (The Dream Life), a revolutionary 1972 Canadian feminist film directed by Mireille Dansereau, follows the everyday life of Isabelle (Liliane Lemaitre-Auger) and Virginie (Veronqiue Le Flaguais) in Quebec. The movie is highly… Continue reading