A quick Note on Loving Couples

Two women, one with dark hair and one with light blonde hair, stare lovingly at each other while they row a boat on open water.

|John Moret| Loving Couples begins with a squeaky-wheeled gurney moving across a tiled hospital floor. Formally, the opening is one that is both intriguing and well-known. If you’ve seen much Swedish cinema of the period, the black and white film stock accompanied by the camera… Continue reading

Programmer’s Notes on Hideo Gosha, Wandering Ronin

The image is black and white. A man lays back against a wooden wall and is holding a sword in front of him. Reflected in the sword is the face of a woman.

|John Moret| Ronin, noun, historical (in feudal Japan): a wandering samurai who had no lord or master.

On a wintry day in 2012, a friend and I met for our weekly movie and lunch meetup. It was his choice that week and he brought a new release from the Criterion Collection, Three Outlaw Continue reading