“Without Guilt or Remorse”: A Deep Dive into the Life of Hitchcock Star Farley Granger

|Dylan Hawthron| Before we actually start the movie, though, we see the Warner Bros. logo, followed by a screen announcing the lead actors: Farley Granger Mr. Granger appears by arrangement with Samuel Goldwyn Ruth Roman Robert Walker The fine print sticks out in an otherwise… Continue reading

I Want All the Bisexuals To Know: If I Can Edit a Film Blog, You Can Too

Karen, Miss New York, a Black Latina woman in a red evening gown, is shouting in front of the crowd. To her right, five women in dazzling evening gowns are watching her in awe.

|Finn Odum| Several weeks ago, in the monotonous gray cubes of the Mall of America® office tower, I dared to make a joke about my gender identity. This is how it went:
Finn, 24, strikingly gorgeous and wickedly funny email specialist: Now, I’m not like most women—in that I’m not one… Continue reading

“Don’t Quit Your Gay Job!”: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’s Place in Queer Cinema

|Courtney Kowalke| Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) is my Die Hard. It is a Christmas movie, and I defend it as such with my life. Every year since I first saw it in 2007, I trot it out in December alongside the standard fare like A Charlie Brown Christmas and Love Actually. One could… Continue reading