Beyond the Video Store Shelves: How Oldboy Introduced me to a New World of Subtitled Film

|Rowan Smith| When I first started getting more seriously interested in movies, around age thirteen, it was when video stores were on the precipice of catastrophe, though we didn’t know it yet. The business had already largely homogenized, people mostly rented from large chains… Continue reading

“Without Guilt or Remorse”: A Deep Dive into the Life of Hitchcock Star Farley Granger

|Dylan Hawthron| Before we actually start the movie, though, we see the Warner Bros. logo, followed by a screen announcing the lead actors: Farley Granger Mr. Granger appears by arrangement with Samuel Goldwyn Ruth Roman Robert Walker The fine print sticks out in an otherwise… Continue reading

Shadow of a Doubt: Ennui’s Disappearance in the Face of Disaster

|Dylan Hawthorn| Spoiler alert for Shadow of a Doubt. About ten minutes into Shadow of a Doubt, Charlotte “Charlie” Newton (Teresa Wright) lies in her bed, hands behind her head, staring at the ceiling. The camera had been relishing in the domestic bliss of her hometown… Continue reading

The Lady Vanishes: Exploring Hitchcock’s Recurring Themes of Spies, Suspense, and the Wrongly Accused

| Dan Howard | The Lady Vanishes plays at the Heights Theater on Thursday, April 4th. Visit for tickets and more information. For years, Alfred Hitchcock was simply a name and a face to me. Yes, he is one of the greatest directors of cinema, but his work had never resonated… Continue reading

Based on a True Story: Hitchcock Between Reality and Subjectivity

|Malcolm Cooke| At the start of The Wrong Man, a darkly silhouetted Alfred Hitchcock declares this film is different from all the ones he has made before: this story is true, and he intends to tell it with clinical accuracy. Hitchcock takes this task seriously, so seriously in fact that critic… Continue reading