Scoring the Past, Playing in the Present: A Tradition Continues with The Poor Nobodys & Alfred Hitchcock’s The Lodger at The Heights Theater

|Chris Polley| This was how it all began, really—music that’s performed, visuals that are projected, and never a word is uttered. Dating back to the first public presentation of the works of the Lumière brothers in Paris back in 1895, musical accompaniment to a film exhibition was performed… Continue reading

Golden Eggs Flying Through Space: The Horrific Dream Logic at the Heart of The Vanishing

Saskia stands outside of a highway tunnel with a green mountain in the distance.

|Sophie Durbin| My first encounter with George Sluizer’s The Vanishing was on a lazy evening in February of 2023. The Criterion Channel description promised a “truly unsettling” ending, which drew me in since I love being upset by fictional peoples’ problems… Continue reading

Gothic, Dull and Sharp: George Sluizer’s The Vanishing

A close-up image of a missing person poster showing a black-and-white image of Saskia. The poster is glued to a tree on a city street

|MH Rowe| You might say The Vanishing (1988) tells the tale of two creepy men. One is a fretful, controlling boyfriend, the other a methodical murderer. With a different emphasis, the director George Sluizer might have smoothed out the boyfriend and signaled to the audience that we aren’t supposed to understand Rex Hofman (Gene Bervoets) as a creep… Continue reading