Dearest Chinatown: The Intensity of Faye Dunaway

Faye Dunaway in character as Evelyn Mulwray in Chinatown. Evelyn is a light-skinned woman with curly chin-long hair and thin eyebrows. She looks into the distance unimpressed, wearing a grey dress suit and hat.

|John Blair| At 6:14 am on February 27, 2006, Faye Dunaway called the producer of a documentary on her life. When the call went to voicemail, Dunaway started immediately on a breathless two-minute monologue, touching on everything from her personal relationships to her disappointment in how her current films were sold… Continue reading

Infinite Jake

Poster for Chinatown, showing a feminine face emerging from an ornamental cloud of smoke coming from a man's cigar. The letters "Chinatown" are prominently features in red against a pale yellow background at the bottom of the image

|Abbie Phelps| Los Angeles, California, 1922. Evelyn Cross is fifteen years old. Noah Cross, her father, has yet to recover from the death of his wife. In her absence, his grief has come close to consuming him. Evelyn, his daughter, makes his meals and lays his clothes out for him in the morning…. Continue reading