Movie Stars, Maggie Cheung, and The Heroic Trio

Two women dressed in black - one wielding a sword, the other wearing a headband - stand in front of a pinkish structure on a foggy night.

|Azra Thakur| I watched my first Maggie Cheung film, In the Mood for Love (2000), near the start of the pandemic at home. I didn’t read much about it beforehand (the best way to watch films) and was mesmerized as Maggie Cheung appeared scene after scene in print after gorgeous print… Continue reading

In the Mood for Love, Wong Kar-wai’s Silent Dance: Where Image Meets Flesh in Fifteen Frames

A woman sits at her dressing table in a green dress and white oval earrings, downcast after crying. You can see her from two additional angles in the mirror behind her.

|Casey Jarrin| The erotics of a single finger / pressing the doorbell / slowly / Quiet intimacies of space / slender hands graze / a forgotten doorframe / Wardrobes / lifted by ropes / A slash of fabric / midnights of rain / Every frame: a sigh / a wish held close / a silent exchange. Continue reading