A Head’s Tale: The Emotional Journey of Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

Bennie, white male in dirty beige suit, pointing a pistol with right hand, holding bag with Head of Alfredo Garcia in left hand.

|Lucas Hardwick| Everyone has a head and we’re all kind of obsessed with them; so obsessed, in fact, that the conceit of removing it forcefully will never not be the most macabre form of dismemberment. After all, decapitation was a rather popular crime deterrent in the Dark Ages. Continue reading

Scent, Sense, and Senselessness in Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

Bennie sits in a dimly lit bar, wearing sunglasses and a patterned jacket.

|Sophie Durbin| Bennie (Warren Oates) drives across the Mexican countryside in a sweaty white suit stained with blood and dirt. Gasping for air, he swats flies from his passenger, a decaying human head in a burlap sack. He’s speaking to the head as if it’s the most normal… Continue reading