Sweet Smell of Success This Weekend at the Trylon

  Sweet Smell of Success (1957), directed by Alexander Mackendrick, written by Clifford Odets and Ernest Lehman, and starring Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis. Showtimes: Friday and Saturday, 7:00 & 9:00; Sunday, 5:00 & 7:00. Purchase Tickets Here. Review by Trylon volunteer David Berglund, who writes about the movies with his… Continue reading

Regional Premiere of Codex at the Trylon

Tonight and tomorrow the Trylon is proud to host the regional premiere of Micah Bloom’s Codex. In response to a natural disaster, a team of forensic anthropologists recover, identify, and catalog hundreds of flood- ravaged books. Likened to a “filmic tone poem” in the vein of Koyaanisqatsi, Codex provides elegant… Continue reading

Twin Cities Summer Movie Calendar

While we love showing movies at the Trylon, we also enjoy checking out the cinematic goings-on around this movie-happy town. As you probably know, we often partner with the Heights and Riverview to show movies, but our pals at the Landmark theaters in town also have some great titles coming… Continue reading

Sign Painters at the Trylon!

  Tonight and tomorrow at the Trylon! The wonderful documentary Sign Painters, from directors Faythe Levine and Sam Macon, details the almost lost world of the sign painter. But did you know that one of the country’s best lives in the Trylon’s neighborhood? Yes, Phil Vandervoort, who made that beautiful… Continue reading

All the President’s Men, starting tomorrow!

I’m the very definition of the post-Watergate generation. I was born just weeks before Nixon’s resignation, and when I was a half-year old my family moved to Washington D.C. to work for a Congressman that they’d help elect. A year later we moved away after the Congressman was caught soliciting… Continue reading

Sound Unseen: Greetings From Tim Buckley

Sound Unseen partners with the Trylon for a special three-day screening of Greetings From Tim Buckley, a narrative film from director Dan Algrant. In 1991, a young Jeff Buckley (Penn Badgley, “Gossip Girl”) rehearses for his public singing debut at a Brooklyn tribute show for his father, the late folk singer Tim… Continue reading

The Ghastly Love of Johnny X

Our week of low-budget monster movie premieres kicks off with this mélange of ’50s sci-fi tropes: juvenile delinquents, aliens, flying saucers and, of course, musical numbers. Ok, that last one is a bit of curveball but Johnny X makes it all look gorgeous with the last batch of Kodak’s Eastman Plus-X black… Continue reading