Revenge Isn’t So Sweet, Girl: Gamera 3: Awakening of Iris


Something called Gyaos are attacking Earth… again. Only now they’re Hyper Gyaos. The turtle-like creature Gamera is the only one who can kill them, and does, with the collateral damage being over 20,000 people dead, most of whom were crushed in a subway. So the Japanese government orders the destruction of Gamera. But what about those Hyper Gyaos?

A girl whose parents were killed in the subway mashing becomes a close personal friend of a giant egg in her village, which hatches into a tentacled creature that she names Iris. The young girl wants this Iris to grow up and murder Gamera. Well, this creature instead gets big, swallows the girl, and, using the young lady’s anger and hatred, begins to destroy the world , and does so with relish.

Well, the government gets involved, there’s a conspiracy involving these Hyper Gyaos, and you get some of the most awesome and potentially inspiring monster battles ever committed to virtual celluloid. Do not miss this epic Kaiju flick, the very last from the Toho Studios! Shows Monday and Tuesday at the Trylon, 7:00 & 9:00 in the PM. Buy your tickets here!

“There are many words that describe Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris. The words ‘magnificent’ and ‘amazing’ just barely scratch the surface. Yes, these are strong words, but do they really suit this film? The answer is a resounding yes! Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris is pure cinematic gold.” –“The Godzilla”,

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