Two Sound Unseen Films Screen Tonight at the Trylon!

The_History_of_Future_Folk_Yes, friends, our partners at Sound Unseen are bringing you not one but two screenings tonight! At 7:00, An Oversimplification of Her Beauty, which “documents the relationship between Terence and a lovely young woman as it teeters on the divide between platonic and romantic. With arresting insight, vulnerability, and a delightful sense of humor, utilizing a tapestry of live action and multiple styles of animation, the film blurs the line between narrative, documentary, and experimental film.” With music by Flying Lotus, this is one not to miss! Tickets available here and at the Trylon box office.

And at the 9:00 hour, The History of Future Folk touches down, a sort-of Flight of the Conchords meets low-budget sci-fi adventure. Tickets are available here and at the Trylon box office.


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