Pierre Étaix continues with LAND OF MILK AND HONEY


Our look at the films of Pierre Étaix continues this weekend with Étaix’s final controversial film, The Land of Milk and Honey from 1971. Made up of 16mm footage that he shot on vacation with his wife, singer Annie Fratellini, in 1969, this radical film of protest was Étaix’s own response to the social upheaval in France following May 1968. But Étaix, the humorist and the optimist, does not leave us without hope. As Dave Kehr points out in the New York Times:  “Land of Milk and Honey comes close to expressing the unbridled contempt for humanity of a contemporary freak show like Ulrich Seidl’s Dog Days. But Mr. Étaix maintains his humanist bearings by conveying a sense of what once was there and might be again.”

Land of Milk and Honey screens Friday and Saturday at 7:00pm and 8:30pm, and on Sunday at 5:30pm and 7:00pm. Advanced tickets (with no service fee!) are available at trylon.org.

In other good news, our Fall Programs are now available! Come by and pick one up and find out why we are trying to add the word “Lancastic” to the human vernacular!

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