The Museum of Home Video’s Ring, Ring: a Doorbell Cam Fantasia is Coming to Town! Some Context on Bret Berg’s MOHV from a Fellow Los Angeleno Who Witnessed its Inception

A blurry black and white image by a door camera, showing a person dressed as a scary clown, holding three balloons, standing in someone's doorway, facing the camera.

|Penny Folger| The Museum of Home Video is an online streaming show that took flight during the pandemic and seems to have created an empire. Started by Los Angeleno film programmer/distributor Brett Berg, it takes place at at 7:30 pm PST most Tuesday evenings. Since its inception in July… Continue reading

Branded to Kill: The Graceful Aging of Disarray 

A black and white image of an adult man with dark hair wearing sunglasses

|Yuval Klein| With action, slapstick, deadpan machismo, a jazzy soundtrack, and avant-garde edits, the tone of Branded to Kill is set in an extensive and superbly shot shootout scene, in which our protagonist, a “highly ranked” assassin named Gorô, is ambushed. With him, an anxious and formerly ranked acquaintance… Continue reading

For The Love of Small-Town Community Theater

The cast of Red, White and Blaine sit and listen to director Corky St. Clair

| Lucas Vonasek | Nothing ever happens in small towns. If you’ve never lived in one, it’s difficult to imagine what they can offer that a city cannot, whether that is a burgeoning nightlife scene, diverse cuisine options, or that alluring energy that only a hip metropolis can offer. However… Continue reading